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Healthy Habitat, encaustic collage on paper, 12″ x 12″

If you have wondered why I have been strangely silent on this blog lately, I can tell you why. Friday my new show opens in the Harrison Center‘s City Gallery! I have been too busy to pop in here with regular inspiration and updates on the progress of my work. This show was a race to the finish (being my second solo show in four months!), but I am pleased with the outcome. I will be in the gallery all evening Friday for the opening, 6-9pm. I hope you will stop by and say hi, check out the work, and see Kyle Ragsdale’s show in main gallery as well.


12″ x 18″ encaustic, paper, string on wood

Above is a piece from my very first solo exhibition, which opens this Friday at the Earth House Collective in Indianapolis. I pushed to the last minute to complete the show, fourteen pieces in all.

12″ x 18″ encaustic, paper on wood

In total the show consists of seven “paintings” (like those above) and seven sculptural works. All the artwork is framed in salvaged redwood frames (my dad saved it from a dumpster!) handmade by my two awesome parents.

18″ x 24″ encaustic, paper, dirt on wood

The show opens Friday with a reception from 5-9pm. I would love to see you there! The Earth House is easy to find on the corner of New York and East Street downtown (look for the old church building.). I am nervous about the show and very excited.

Here is what I’ve been hard at work on the past few weeks. I’m completing a whole new body of work for my very first solo exhibition! The show opens August 5 at the Earth House in Indianapolis. I couldn’t be happier with the location for my first solo show.

The work is slowly coming along. I will be featuring fifteen new pieces, with an even mixture of encaustic paintings and hanging sculptures. I am sticking to simple materials: beeswax, paper, string, and dirt. I can’t wait to show you more, but for now, I hope you enjoy this little taste!

Sometimes commission paintings can be really fun to work on. I was honored to be asked to create this piece commemorating Indiana for someone moving out of state. I love my Hoosier state, so I was very excited to make this special piece.

I think art is a great way to commemorate a big change or to remember a place you love.

In the past, I have focused a lot on the texture, the malleability, the tactile nature of beeswax by carving and scraping and building pieces with contour and shape. When making this piece, I really wanted to concentrate on the translucency of the wax. I wanted this one to truly be a painting.

(untitled, unfinished)

I also wanted this painting to be pretty free. I tend to employ techniques that rein in and control the natural movement and flow of beeswax. My style is fairly graphic, geometrical, and I really wanted to push past that in this piece.

I think I achieved all of that, but now…I’m bored. It needs something else. This one isn’t finished yet! Stay tuned to see what I add or change. I have a plan for this one.

I want to be an artist when I grow up. I quit my job to try it. I will chronicle the results here.

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