My studio is such a mess at the moment. Since returning from my residency in Washington, I have had to dive right back into making art, and my studio has not had the chance to recover. The good thing is it hasn’t stopped me from creating. The bad part is the frustrating mess (paintings stacked on boxes and general chaos).

Lately I have been further developing this series of work with carved circles, textures hidden and revealed. These pieces will hang in a show I will be installing early in May.

This one utilizes string, embedded at various levels in the wax, instead of dirt. I am getting to play with some of my favorite materials here.

Here is an in-progress shot of a special commission I am working on when I have time. I just need to get a proper map of Indianapolis and cut it into that shape.

I am working furiously to get as much done as I can before I leave this weekend for a trip to St. Louis and later Portland.