After a two-week residency and teaching a weekend encaustic retreat in Washington, I am finally back home in Indiana. My head is full of ideas, and I cannot wait to get to work on all the inspiration I soaked up while I was gone. The last thing I worked on before leaving was developing a prototype for some larger work. It started with dipping paper in wax and delicately sewing pieces together.

Next I wanted to see what it looked like illuminated, so I turned off the lights and set it on top of a light table.

I wanted to go for a slightly crooked, imperfect look, which is why I tore the paper instead of cutting it, but this was a little too wonky. I also wanted more wax and more light. So I set to creating a stencil for a second prototype.

This involved some math (the pythagorean theorem). I might have been called a nerd for this. I cut the house out of one shape, folded it, and adhered it together with wax. This time, the stitches were only visible when lit.

This was getting closer to what I wanted. I didn’t get the look I was going for until I finally turned off all the lights except for the concentrated point underneath.

When I pulled this image off of my camera later, it was an a-ha moment. This is what I wanted. Now I cannot wait to take this idea and run with it. I am so inspired by the meaning held in simple materials like paper, wax, and string.