(image by omae)

Yesterday I discussed my thoughts on 2010 and came to the conclusion that I am ready for more, more, more. Here are a few goals I have for 2011:

  • More shows. Last year I outstripped my goal of ONE gallery show by three. This year I hope to do even more. My real dream, which is scary to even put into words, is to have a solo show by the end of the year (gasp!).
  • New website. Work is already underway on building a professional portfolio website to house my artwork. I am really thrilled with the design so far and cannot wait to share the finished product.
  • New body of work. Last year I hoped to work more sculpturally, and, while I did some 3D work in 2010, I don’t think I am finished pushing in that direction. I plan to take my work to another level stylistically this year, and that will most definitely involve breaking out of the 2-dimensional plane.

So it looks like 2011 will be filled with most of what comprised 2010…just a whole lot more.