Did you know you can shop local on Etsy.com? They have made it really easy for shoppers to find handmade goods in their hometowns. Let’s say I wanted to find a cute hat for my niece. Into the search bar I type “girl baby hat.” Up comes a load of search results, and one of the narrowing options is “local items.”

Clicking “local items” narrows my results to items from sellers in Indianapolis. Now I can choose from these listings to support a local artist and maybe even avoid shipping costs by meeting up with the seller. You can also find great gift ideas by typing your hometown into the Shop Local feature. How neat is that?

Here are some great things I found by shopping local.

Leather Diary by julieboyles

Moose Ugly Christmas Sweater T-Shirt by Vardagen

Olive Speckle and Oil Spot Bowls by PracticalPorcelain


Silver Hoop Earrings by SaraBJewelry

I wonder what is available in your neck of the woods. Happy shopping!