Art speaks to people in different ways. Some like art that is beautiful. Some connect with art that makes them feel something. Others want art that serves a purpose. I have been thinking about what I look for in the art I view, what draws me in, and I thought it would be fun to share what I learned.

Woven Branch Arch by Andy Goldsworthy

My favorite materials. Beeswax, wood, paper, fabric, string, books/text, found objects. I am immediately drawn to art using natural, earthy materials like beeswax, wood, and dirt.

Emanation by Beth Dary

Questions, not answers. As much as I am drawn to art that “says something,” I don’t want to be hit in the face with that message. I want to come to my own conclusions about a piece; I don’t want to be handed an agenda at first glance. I want to look at art that makes me ask questions, art that engages.

Seventeen is Sharp by Rebecca Ward, electrical tape and vinyl adhesive

Every day objects. I love seeing common items like tape, straws, pebbles, toothpicks, etc. transformed into artwork by the use of repetition or by removing them from their assigned place. Seeing an artist take objects unassociated with art and turn them into art inspires me to see the potential in everything around me.

Rain Cloud by Stephanie Imbeau

Originality. More than anything else, I enjoy seeing the artist’s creativity at its highest. Old materials used in a new way. New materials brought into ancient methods. Mixed media. Art that makes you laugh. Art that plays on expectations and defies preconceived notions.

But everyone is different. What do you value in art?