While visiting my alma mater recently, I snapped some photos of these great sculptures on DePauw’s campus.

These are made my artist Patrick Dougherty, who does a lot of public work. Apparently he enlisted the help of students when he installed these on campus. I only wish I was still a student at the time! I didn’t get any shots of the work in its entirety, so here are some other pieces from his portfolio.

Easy Does It, Hollywood Art & Culture Center, Hollywood, Florida, 1998.
Photographer: John Lawrence.

Close Ties, Brahan Estate, Dingwall, Scottish Highlands, 2006.
Photographer: Fin Macrae.

Standby, Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority, Raleigh, NC, 2000.
Photographer: Jerry Blow.

Cell Division, Savannah College of Art, Savannah, Georgia, 1998.
Photographer: Wayne Moore.