One of my favorite parts of my Oranje booth was a collaborative group painting. I set out my hot plate with various colors of wax and brushes and told participants to go to town. I covered one of my booth walls with paper and backlit a window to highlight the beautiful translucency of beeswax. This project was a great way to introduce a lot of people to the encaustic medium, and it provided a nice bridge between the line “this is all made from beeswax” and the artwork visitors saw before them. Here are some photos of how the piece progressed throughout the night.

(just getting started)

Here is where people really started getting into it.

From time to time I would use my torch to fuse some of the layers together, mix colors, and make fun drips (I only caught the paper on fire once!).

People really got creative—someone even carved the wax to let light through!

The final product turned out wonderfully messy and looked like a garden.

This was definitely the most fun part of the night for me. Thanks to everyone who participated for sharing your spontaneous creativity! I’m going to hang the window in my studio for inspiration.