There seems to be no way to properly build excitement for the news I am about to share, so I will just say it…..drumroll…..building suspense…..(you’ve already skipped to the end, haven’t you?)…..okay, here it is…..I now have a studio at the Harrison Center! Right now it is pretty empty and uninspiring, but I wanted to get to work right away, so I threw together a temporary set-up.

Notice my giant Gonzo doll hanging out in the corner (don’t worry—in time he will receive the place of honor he deserves). I am looking forward to this space slowly developing into something more creative and inspiring. In the meantime, I find the messes and scratches on the floor to be very beautiful.

I did spend a few minutes today setting up a few of my pieces in the sweet little “gallery” alcove in the room.

Now all I need is a studio mate. Know anyone looking for a good spot?