This is neat: I just signed up to participate in the Sketchbook Project. Everyone who participates receives a Moleskine, like the one above, in the mail. Our job is to fill it with whatever our imaginations can dream up. We send them back, and they go on tour through galleries and museums. What is especially cool is each book is given a barcode, so you can track its progress and even see how many times someone has leafed through your book.

You can choose your own theme, from gems like “Help!” “Below the surface,” “I’m a scavenger,” and others. Or, like me, you can opt for a random assignment; I ended up with “Things that changed other things.”

(an example from Kate Castelli‘s sketchbook)

I can’t wait to get my little book in the mail! This project seems like such a fun way to create and share art in community, all without the pressure of selling or gaining recognition for the work. Will you join in the fun?