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I’m sure it isn’t difficult to imagine why I love bees: they produce delicious honey, pollinate much of the plant life that makes it possible for us to eat every day, and create the essential ingredient to my encaustic artwork—beeswax. They are an integral part of my artistic process.

Hilary Berseth takes this idea one step further, working side-by-side with bees in a true collaboration. He constructs the form and allows the bees to create the hive around it, resulting in these magnificent sculptures.

Okay, so these are really awesome, right? Yes, but listen. While reading up on Hilary Berseth, I came across the work of Aganetha Dyck, who also involves bees in her process. You can tell straight away her respect for the little creatures, and her work is simply amazing:

Plexiglass House, Aganetha Dyck

These pieces have my heart pounding in my chest (does anyone else react to artwork that way?). Wow.

from her “Drawing with the bees” series, Aganetha Dyck

These next are from a series done on dry-cleaner hangers, called Walking Closet.

Are you seeing this? I am speechless. Speechless!

There is a treasure trove of work on her website. Please check out the hive scans and “The poem to the bees,” which can be accessed from the home page. Today I am so grateful for her partnership with the bees!