The past few days in the studio have been a bit frustrating, because as many hours as I sat staring at my wax, I could not make what was in my head a reality. It wasn’t a block in creativity; I had ideas. Rather, I couldn’t see these ideas clearly. I couldn’t bring the image into focus in my mind. It was like trying to read a sign without my glasses on; the picture was blurry.

Eventually I realized stressing over this potential piece was not going to do me any good. I had to let this one go. I quit my job to follow my passion for creating art; this should be fun!

So I decided to play.

chaos string

In this piece I wanted to explore the controlled versus the chaotic. In order to carry the concept through the creation of the piece itself, I did not plan out the pattern of this string. I dipped it in wax, threw it down, set my heat gun on it, and let it go where it would.

I tend to be very meticulous in my art-making. I want everything to be perfect. This was a good exercise for me, and I like how it turned out. Perhaps this was the lesson I needed: I don’t need to have a perfectly clear picture in mind before starting. Sometimes letting go a bit, loosening the reins, if you will, can free me up to create, whether it turns out like the fuzzy picture in my head or not.

chaos blue

(Sorry for the bad photo. This one is hard to capture!)

Maybe control and disorder can be friends. I’m not sure they can be balanced per se, but a bit of each can compliment the other. This allows for mistakes to be made, which we all know leads to the greatest discoveries.