One beautiful October day, my friend got married. Thinking a mixing bowl from Target wouldn’t be nearly special enough, I delayed the gift-buying. Etiquette gives me up to a year, right? Well, this was about the time I learned how to paint with encaustic, so my plan was to make him a piece right after the wedding, ship it off, and he would have it before he noticed he hadn’t gotten a gift from me.

That was two years ago.

lance 1

Travelers, 7 x 20 inches, mixed media encaustic

You know how life gets in the way. Now that I am a full-time artist, my excuses have run out, so this piece was one of my first tasks. It is meant to be about marriage, finding your partner for life. The path becomes a little clearer with each step toward that; the pieces fall a bit more into place.

lance side

The piece is made up of collaged squares of paper: maps, sheet music, recipes (all things that instruct). The last step was to embed twine into the top layer. I enjoyed experimenting with yet another style outside of my usual range.

Now, I do hope he wants it. :)