Yesterday was my first day delving back into creating artwork. It had been too long.

The first thing I wanted to do was play. I decided to experiment with a phenomenon I learned about at the Encaustic Painting Conference in June. Apparently, due to some science-y deal with the density of elements, titanium white will rise to the surface through other colors when melted. Here are my results:

The white and green do not mix together as two melted colors normally would. Instead, it creates this beautiful marbled look. I think they’re pretty. Not satisfied with this alone, I carved in my wedding date. I call the set 6.2, and I have given them to my husband (he likes them a lot more than I do).

An interesting story about this green color:
While at the aforementioned encaustic conference, a R&F Paints salesman tried to convince me to switch to their paints (I make my own). He gave me a free sample of Sap Green and said, “I bet you can’t make this color.” That’s what I used in this little experiment. I may be convinced. :)