I am an artist. This fact inevitably brings up a lot of questions for me. Is this my calling? Could this sustain me and my family? Can this move beyond a hobby? Is my art relevant to the outside world?

Well, I just quit my “day job,” so I suppose I am about to find out. The plan is to give it a year, throw myself into all the creative endeavors I can dream up, and see what happens.

Ira Glass has done a series of videos on storytelling, which I believe apply to any creative effort. He talks about the gap between our taste and our work. My goal this year is to get as close as I can to closing that gap.

I find this video very encouraging, because it means that there is hope that eventually I will make the art that I know can make but haven’t yet. Along the way, I will share here my process, my progress, and anything I find relevant or inspiring.

So, here we go…